We Have To, At Some Point, Say – But Is It True?

It’s Sunday and I’ve been catching up on some reading! And...while watching Brandon Burchard on one of Marie Forleo’s episodes of MarieTV, I couldn’t help but relate so much to something he said. It resonated so much with nutrition/exercise/science, my blog, and the mission I hope to serve with my content that I had to... Continue Reading →


Warning Signs That You’re Being Fed Junk Nutrition Science

Do you sometimes find it difficult to navigate the world of nutrition information without knowing what is real? If so, you are NOT alone. There is A LOT of information being presented to us every day - some accurate, some not. It's hard to keep up! "Finding health information online is easy. Cutting through the... Continue Reading →

What Happens When You Eat a Cookie

This is so true...so I wanted to share it with you! Thanks to @meowmeix and @nessasphere on instagram for sharing this cookie comparison. I think this visual is great because... It is simple It provides context: what we might typically think when we eat a treat (oh the drama!) vs what that small treat actually... Continue Reading →

How Would You Build a Pyramid?

This figure is a great visual for how many athletes (amongst others) look at their diets. 👏🏼 Marketers would have you believe that supplements should provide the majority of your nutrition (the base of your diet). (I mean how good are some of those ads? 🤷🏼‍♀️) However, a balanced whole food diet should form the... Continue Reading →

Energy Drinks: Are They Safe?

Hello to all my caffeine loving friends on this lazy Sunday (or Monday if you are in Europe or places farther East!) How many of you are caffeine lovers? Yay - me too! But, did you know that there is such a thing…as too much caffeine? Sigh. And, unfortunately, this is especially true when caffeine... Continue Reading →

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